How does Explainer Video benefit your business?

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How does Explainer Video benefit your business?


The best means for explaining your business to your target audience in the most effective way during the current times is Video Content. A few stats will make the picture clearer for you. 75 million people in the USA watch online videos daily. Mentioning the word ‘video’ in an email subject line increases the click-through rate by 13 per cent. Almost 50 per cent of all the available online video content is watched on mobile devices. Videos that are up to 2 minutes long get the maximum engagement.
The top three things that your business will need to survive and thrive include an aimed leadership, a compelling and useful offering, and an exceptionally supportive service. But in the current crowded online landscape, what your brand needs is an engaging and meaningful story.
Stories elicit emotion and hence, make way for better marketing. Videos can influence how much your audience can trust. Emotion helps strike nostalgia and make sense of complex information. A great story can communicate the whole character of your brand/ organization is not more than three minutes and unique stories make you more persuasive.

Why should a business go for video marketing?

Video stands as a very critical element of your content strategy because of its snack-size, memorable characteristic, and also measurable. These elements make videos the perfect means of content for the audience who crave for short and engaging pieces.
You can use videos for teaching and showcasing complex concepts, for telling stories, and for inspiring marketing specific efforts. Videos have an ability to drive conversions like no other medium of content. Videos allow you to track and measure audience engagement that comes very handy and useful.

Following are the benefits offered by Video Marketing:

  1. Growth in revenue-
    Studies reveal that marketers who have used videos as a part of their marketing campaign are growing company revenue 49 per cent faster with every year than the marketers who are not relying on video content.
  2. Impact on purchase decisions-
    90 per cent of the customers say that product videos help them make purchase decisions and 64 per cent of the customers say that watching a video increases their likeliness to make a purchase. 97 per cent of the marketers say that they have succeeded in increasing user-understanding of their product/ service via video marketing.
  3. Offer exactly what people want-
    Customers always prefer video content over emails, newsletters, blog posts, and downloadable content because they like to avoid any hassle. Customers use a varied range of methods when they consider making a purchase and are looking to research their options. Some of the top tactics of research include using a search engine, visiting a company’s website, and watching relevant videos. You can incorporate a video into any of those places that will give your brand a better chance of convincing your consumer.
  4. Higher Rank in SERPs-
    Videos help improve the ranking of your website on SERPs. The amount of time a user spends on your page impacts how high you will appear on the major SERPs. The dwell time is an important ranking factor on Google, and videos are highly instrumental in increasing the dwell time, increasing your chances to rank higher. 80 per cent of marketers that they have received visible results in increasing the dwell time on their websites by using more relevant and attractive video content.
    The average internet user spends 88 per cent more time on a website that has incorporated video content. Also, studies reveal that websites including video content have a two minute longer dwell time, on an average, compared to the websites that don’t have videos.
    Hence, apart from increasing the dwell time on your website, video content increases your chances to rank higher on SERPs.
  5. More traffic-
    Video-using websites enjoy 41 per cent more traffic from search than the websites that do not use video content. This clearly implies that videos help drive more traffic.
  6. More relevant backlinks-
    When you use a video on any of your pages or any of your social media posts, you are able to increase the average number of linking domains by nearly three times than you can with any other type of content.
  7. More Conversions-
    Websites using video content experience a 27 per cent higher click-through rate and also a 34 per cent higher web conversion rate. Also, when you incorporate a video on your landing page, the video content can increase your conversion rates by not less than 80 per cent.
  8. More shares-
    Research reveals that social video generates 1,200 per cent more shares than text content and image content together. If you can successfully create video content that your audience really enjoys, 83 per cent consumers state that they will considering sharing that content with their friends on various social media platforms.

Video Marketing is only growing in scope. From creating how-to videos to streaming live on Facebook live, you will have a wide range of opportunities on your platter from which you can choose.

What is the purpose of an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short video that explains what exactly your product/ service has to offer. It is designed to grab the viewer’s attention with a one/two-minute video content that clearly explains and describes your product/ service, business, or idea. It must be designed in a way to answer the very basic questions removing the need of your audience spending time to read through the text content on your website understanding what your offering is all about.
Explainer videos have to be made fun and engaging. Your video content must communicate a clear and informative message that the audience can quickly comprehend and relate to.

What can be the benefits of using a well-designed explainer video on your website/ app?

Following are 5 reasons that explain why businesses should invest in explainer videos.

  1. Grabbing attention-
    An average internet user has an attention span of eight seconds and if your website content does not succeed in grabbing the user’s attention within those eight seconds, the user will move on to another website. The longer you manage to hold the attention of a user, the more possibility of the user to spend more time on your website.
  2. Gain more Conversions-
    The more time your audience spends on your website, the greater chances you have to turn a visitor into a conversion. Statistics reveal that a well-designed explainer video can boost your conversion rates as great as 50 per cent.
  3. Convincing elevator pitch-
    Videos are a more convincing means of content as compared to basic text contents or even image content. Put up a well-designed explainer video on your website and explain the mission and values of your brand or pitch a new product or idea before your audience. Don’t simply put up information. Include a call-to-action along with valuable information.
  4. Gets more shares than any other form of content-
    Your website content must be engaging enough to keep your audience for longer on your website. But it should also be able to attract the attention of the search engines. Videos are always ranked higher on the Google SERPs as compared to text content. Hence, videos have, very evidently become a powerful SEO tool. YouTube is the second most used search engine, after Google, that includes information in a video format.
  5. Portrayal of your brand-culture and brand-personality-
    The culture and personality of your brand is an extremely critical element when it is about connecting and engaging with your audience. If you try to convey emotion or personality via text content alone is quite a difficult task. But explainer videos can be fun, entertaining, and interesting way for reflecting your brand culture.

The most important factor that you must remember for explainer videos is that the quality of the video plays a significant role in the success of your explainer video.

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