Why Laravel is good for web applications?

Laravel has become one of the favourites for all the professional web application developers owing to its high scalability. This PHP framework is perfect to add the best features and performance capabilities to your web application development project.

Robust MVC Support

MVC architecture is one of the top reasons why Laravel has become one of the best PHP frameworks. With Laravel, your app provides the best performance with a wide range of app functionalities, helping you drive the best results over a shorter time period.

Enhanced Security

Laravel comes with built-in security features. The hashed password feature does not allow the passwords to be saved in the form of plain text in the given database. The SQL statements keeps your application safe from injection attacks.

Faster Time-to-Market

To give you app a competitive setting, Laravel is powered with numerous features that offer a faster time-to-market for your app, as compared to the other conventional frameworks.

Remote Hiring Models

Time & Material

You can hire our resources starting from a minimum booking of hours like 20 hours with timesheet

Dedicated Resource

The resource is put on your project for a monthly commitment of 160 hours with timesheet


T&M Hiring

$ 300 / 20 hours

T&M Hiring

$ 500 / 40 hours

Dedicated Monthly Hiring

$ 1800 / Month

Advantages with Us

Our Prices are very much competitive

Flexible with work timings

We consider NDA’s very seriously

We maintain Timesheets diligently

We have cross technology support

Flexible payment options

We always have contingency plans with the resources

We have strong delivery checkpoints

We can start with trial 10 hours if there is a long-term commitment from your end

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to solve your queries on a one-to-one discussion. However, for your quick check, please read below some common questions & answers.

Laravel brings you several benefits that include flexibility, in-built libraries, support for object-oriented libraries, composer tool, robust community support, and faster time-to-market for your app.  
The cost of your Laravel project development will depend on multiple different factors that include the type of your website, domain & hosting name, custom design requirements, Information Architecture, shopping cart integration & programming, website content creation, testing, launch, digital marketing setup, and website maintenance cost. Give us a call, share your project requirements and we will come up with a no-cost estimate for you in 48 hours.  
Laravel comes with a large active community of developers who fix any security issues quickly. Laravel is trusted for developing highly secure web applications. Laravel has a large active community of developers who fix any security issues quickly. Laravel is used to develop highly secure web applications.  
All our developers come with a minimum of 2 and more years of experience, ensuring expert services. We assign a dedicated project manager for your project specifically so that you don’t have to keep worrying about the completion of daily milestones in your project. To maintain 100% transparency with our clients, we send you regular reports about the progress of your project. You can hire Laravel developer from SBC at flexible and convenient hiring models.  
At SBC, we respect the confidentiality of your business data and we make sure to sign NDAs both with our clients before we begin their project and with our developers before we hire them.  
Yes. Laravel has a lot of standard features that are prepackaged and so, web app development becomes faster and maintenance becomes easier.
Laravel has a large active community of developers who fix any security issues quickly. Laravel is used to develop highly secure web applications.

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