Why choose Python for your website or mobile app?

Python is a secure programming language that comes with robust built-in libraries and functions that do not need to be coded. The Python code being platform-independent enables your app or website on any platform.

Enhanced Security Features

Choosing Python is equivalent to choosing Security. With Python, your app will get a secure and robust backend. Python applications are less vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Modular Structure

Python being a modular programming language helps you create different modules for your application separately, and then combine all the modules to deploy a single application.

Perfect for building prototypes

Python is an easy to access programming language that eases the creation of prototypes to test out the code multiple times.

Remote Hiring Models

Time & Material

You can hire our resources starting from a minimum booking of hours like 20 hours with timesheet

Dedicated Resource

The resource is put on your project for a monthly commitment of 160 hours with timesheet


T&M Hiring

$ 300 / 20 hours

T&M Hiring

$ 500 / 40 hours

Dedicated Monthly Hiring

$ 1800 / Month

Advantages with Us

Our Prices are very much competitive

Flexible with work timings

We consider NDA’s very seriously

We maintain Timesheets diligently

We have cross technology support

Flexible payment options

We always have contingency plans with the resources

We have strong delivery checkpoints

We can start with trial 10 hours if there is a long-term commitment from your end

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to solve your queries on a one-to-one discussion. However, for your quick check, please read below some common questions & answers.

Yes, SBC ensures your project will be in the safe hands. The average experience of our professionals is 4+ years and they are all field experts. We respect the confidentiality of your business data and we make sure to sign NDAs both with our clients before we begin their project and with our developers before we hire them.
We have been working with many international customers in this model and we will have a very strong international agreement. Moreover, we will work in your set environment with the VPN and time-tracker enabled.  
Yes you can. You can make payments weekly and monthly through Stripe or Wire Transfer or Western Union.
You should choose Python for your web development project owing to the numerous advantages Python brings to your project. Such advantages would include the language being easy to learn, a flexible structure, perfect for building prototypes, efficient frameworks, versatility, and efficient multi-platform support.  
Post-development, we will provide 30 days of free support & maintenance after-sales service from our end. We also offer further software protection plans for clients. We provide full support for a website that we design and always available to help you find any issue or want to enhance your web app. We provide comprehensive maintenance & support.  
Overall, Python is used in web development, data analysis, microcontrollers, machine learning, game development, utility scripts, and rapid prototyping of software that will eventually be implemented in other languages.
Python is highly stable, approximately every 6 – 18 months since 1991, new stable releases are being available that seem to be continued. Presently, new major releases are coming out at the gap of almost 18 months

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